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Labor is over

We are in the ninth month and it's your time of delivery, some of you have had a hard nine months of labor, but you are getting ready to go into the delivery room, some of you are pregnant with twins and triplets. You are going to birth that business, house, car and everything that has been spoken over your life and you have been carrying it for nine months, God is rewarding you because you didn't give up, you didn't abort that dream or vision, you kept on pushing at times it felt like you couldn't push no more but God!!!

This is your birthing season, there is so much taking place in this month, I encourage you to pray and seek the face of God and watch God show himself strong and mighty in this season. God is so faithful he will keep his promises to us. God has to process you into the position to receive what he has in store for you, if it comes before his timing then it's premature and not completely formed.

You see when God makes a promise to you it has a set time and you got to wait on his timing, God knows when you are able to handle the blessings, if he give it to you before the process then you will not use it wisely. God have to try you and see if you will push through the storms, and trials, and tribulations, you got to push when you feel like there's nothing left in you. The pains get harder when you about to deliver what God has placed in you, after delivery you forget about the labor and you then rejoice and give God praise. It's over it's over, my due date has arrived thank you Jesus.

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