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Birthday Celebration of our Lord

Greetings My Brothers And Sisters,We Are A Few Weeks From The Birthday Celebration Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. He Came That We Might Have Life And Have It More Abundantly. Understand That Jesus Is The Reason For The Season, We Celebrate The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords. Lets Share This Gift That Anyone Can Afford,You Don’t Have To Worry About The Size, You Don’t Have To Worry About Wrapping It, All You Have To Do Is Accept Him As Your Lord And Savior. You Can share This Gift All Year Long, I Encourage You To Go Out And Share Your Wonderful Gift. Jesus Paid The Price For You And I, We Owe A Debt That We Can Never Repay.

When You take The Focus Off Your Lord And Savior You Will Begin To Focus On The Wrong Things, You Will Start To Feel Sad And Even Hopeless Because You Don’t Have The Peace That Only Comes From The Lord He Will Give You Perfect peace. More People Become Depress And Commit Suicide During The Christmas Season Than Any Other Time Of The Year. It’s Not About How Many Gifts You Receive, It’s About That One Gift That You Receive And That’s Jesus The Christ The Best Gift Any Man,Woman, Boy Or Girl Could Recieve.

This Is Truly The Season Of Giving Because God Gave His All, His Only Begotten Son To Redeem Us Back To Him. I Encourage You To Forget About Yourself And Be A Blessing To Someone Who Is Less Fortunate Than You.

Remember God Bless You To Be A Blessing To Others,It’s More Blessing To give thanTo Receive .

Grace And Peace.

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